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NGCC experts attend WorldCover 2017 Conference and ISPRS Council Meeting

From March 14 to 16, Chief Scientist Chen Jun and Senior Engineer Peng Shu attended the conference which organized by The European Space Agency in Frascati, Italy. They joined the Round table discussion on Roadmap for High-resolution (10-meter to 30-meter), Chen Jun chaired the Global/Continental LC Products session and gave presentation on Validation and Change detection-based Updating of GlobeLand30.

After the WorldCover Conference, Chen Jun attended ISPRS Council Meeting in Nice, France. Issues on XXIV Congress 2020, Geospatial Week 2017, Midterm Symposia 2018 and inner/outer society were discussed. A scientific initiative on Augmentation of GlobeLand30 with additional data for monitoring United Nation Sustainable Development Goals was approved. This project was jointly submitted by Jon Mills from Newcastle University and Wu Hao from NGCC. The total amount of CHF 8000 will be funded by ISPRS and the project will be completed in 18 months.

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