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NGCC Completed LAN Upgrading and Reconstruction

NGCC has completed LAN (LAN Area Network) upgrading and reconstruction of Baishengcun Branch, speeding up the transmission rate of the network backbone from 1Gbps (Gigabits per second) to 40Gbps.

With the development of geographic information technology and implementation of major surveying and mapping projects, massive data of surveying and mapping grows rapidly. However, the LAN architecture has been maintained since 2007, its network bandwidth cannot meet the requirements for rapid digital archives transmission, processing, archiving and service, thus there is an urgent need to upgrade and reconstruct.

The upgrading and reconstruction adopt advanced SDN (Software Defined Network) concept and make use of high-bandwidth, and configured the cloud master switch. Based on the work, the transmission rate has been increased and the network for the archive management of surveying and mapping has been more reliable.

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