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International Seminar on Construction and Application of Spatial Data Infrastructure Held in Beijing

The 2017 International Seminar on Construction and Application of Spatial Data Infrastructure was held in Beijing during September 15 to 22. The Seminar was hosted by NGCC with the special fund of the Asian regional cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More than 20 officers and experts from Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other developing countriesattended the Seminar.Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Wuhan University co-organized the seminar.

The Seminarwas composed by 2 periods, including Beijingpart (Sept. 15 to 17) and Wuhanpart (Sept. 18 to 22). The agenda of Beijing period focused on practices aspects by lectures on construction, maintenance and application of SDI, and technical visit to some techniques/software/hardware related companies. The Wuhan period focused on academic aspects via 10 high-level International Workshops organized by International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).

Lectures in Beijing were given by experts from the organizers, related agencies and companies. Topics covered concepts, methods, technologies, software, hardware and application cases of SDI. Technical exhibitions and technical visits to Beijing Geoway Software Co. Ltd. and SuperMapGroup were arranged. Policies to support the foreign students studying in BeijingUniversity of Civil Engineering and Architecture were also introduced.

During September 18 to 22, the participants took part in 10 workshops and related commercial exhibitionas a part of ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017. Technical visit to WudaGeoinformatics Co., Ltd.and the State key laboratory of information engineering in surveying, mapping and remote sensing were also organized.

Most of the participants are very satisfied with the programme and the arrangements of the Seminar. They thought that this seminar is a very good platform for the officers and experts from Surveying and Mapping Agencies of developing countries to learn SDI construction and application in China,in the meantime, make good effects on promoting international cooperation.

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