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ISPRS Workshop in Jinan: Collaborative and Dynamic Land Cover Information Services

The ISPRS workshop, titled with “Collaborative and Dynamic Land Cover Information Services Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals”, was held on 16th September 2017 in Jinan, China. The meeting was jointly co-organized by ISPRS ICWG IV/III, NGCC, Shandong Normal University and Research Center for Fundamental Geospatial Information of NASG.

The theme of the workshop was on how global land cover data could quantify indicators of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in order to support the United Nations (UN) “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. More than 100 delegates from 20 research institutes attended the workshop, including four members of the ISPRS Council. The workshop was supported by an ongoing ISPRS Scientific Initiatives project of “An ISPRS contribution to Transforming Our World: Augmentation of GlobeLand30 with additional data for monitoring United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.

The one-day workshop was comprised of three technical sessions: Land Cover Processing and Mapping, Big Data and Web Service Computing, Quantification of SDG Indicators Based on Land Cover and Other Datasets. The invited presentations named “GlobeLand30 data mining for assessment of SDG 15” and “Large-area Land Cover and Land Cover Change Monitoring using Remote Sensing and Multisource Data: Status and Opportunities” were given by Prof. Liu Chuang from Institute of Geographic and Sciences and Natural Resources Research(CAS) and Prof. Yang Limin from USGS respectively. This meeting has not only helped the researchers to understand the international academic frontiers of the land cover information of remote sensing mapping, offered an opportunity to exchange their academic achievements, but also promoted the sharing of land cover service and application of the land cover results, which is of great significance on the strengthening of international cooperation.

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