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Emergency mapping support for Tibet Milin earthquake were provided

On Nov.18, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake occured in Milin county, Nyingchi, Tibet Autonomous Region (95.02°E,29.75°N) at 6:34 am.

NGCC immediately activated the emergency response plan as soon as getting the disaster information. The Administrative Maps of Milin country, and satellite imagery maps cover earthquake region were delivered to the Emergency Office of the State Council twice at 9:10 am. and 10:30 am.

On Nov. 19, using post-disaster images from BJ-2 satellite and comparing the pre-disaster images from ZY-3 and GF-2 satellite, the contrast map made by technicians were delivered to the Emergency Office. Subsequently, NGCC provided post-disaster images of The Yarlung Zangbo River region to the Ministry of Water Resources for early warning and investigation for secondary disasters such as barrier lake.

Furthermore, NGCC is still paying close attention to the developments of earthquake in Tibet and willing to provide timely support to relevant departments for disaster relief.

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