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Common Platform of Geo-Spatial Service

Tianditu(MapWorld), or the National Platform for Common GeoSpatial Information Services, is the platform providing “one-stop” geospatial information services to governments, professional agencies, enterprises and personal users via networks such as Intranet, mobile communication network, etc. It is created by National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China (NASG) as an important part of the geospatial framework for digital China aims at promoting the geographic information resources sharing, and improving the ability and efficiency for services.

TIANDITU aggregates distributed data resources all over China and provide the on-line services via website and standardized interfaces. Ordinary users can use the website to browse maps, locate places, measure distances or areas, plan car driving routes, while professional users can access various TIANDITU’s service resources via standardized interfaces for value-added services and applications. TIANDITU also provides many Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate the integration of its service resources and various systems or websites.

The launch of TIANDITU marks the significant progress of the NASG on the improvement of service manner, service ability and supporting the industry. NASG has listed TIANDITU as the “Top One” program and is making great efforts to develop TIANDITU into an excellent national brand of web-based geospatial information service platform with rich and detailed content, high quality and efficient service.

TIANDITU gained concern of the world. It is fully affirmed by the central government. Mr. Li Keqiang, Vice Premier of China, stated TIANDITU as a platform for’ non-profit government service, industrial development support, facility service for ordinary people’. He also said TIANDITU will play key role in homeland security platform and enhancing the international statues of China.

TIANDITU has been used in various fields and has achieved remarkable results.

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