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National 1:50,000 Fundamental Geographic Information Database Dynamic Updating

Continuously and dynamic updating National Fundamental Geographic Information Database has been one of main tasks in China since these databases have been established in recent years.

In order to keep the currency of the databases, National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation started to dynamically update National 1:50,000 Fundamental Geographic Information Database since 2012.

The main aims include updating and publishing National 1:50000 database covering the whole country once a year, and use the updating result to update the smaller scale at 1:250k, 1:100million databases. The following part described the tasks in detail.

First, the incremental updating strategy is employed, which changes only are collected and updated into the last version database. All kinds of different image data sources, thematic materials are used to find and identify changes, necessary field surveying are implemented to verify the changes. The progress that incrementally updating National 1:50K database shows below.

Second, national and provincial updating plan will be Coordinated. 1:50k database can be updated together with the updating result of provincial 1:10K database. This strategy will improve the speed of 1:50K database updating and save much cost. The progress of collaboratively updating national 1:50k with 1:10k database shows below.

Third, after 1:50k database are updated, changes over the last version database will be recorded automatically. These recorded changes will be propagated into 1:250K database and 1:100million database in a human and computer interactive method. The following picture illustrates the progress.

The National 1:50,000 fundamental geographic information database dynamic updating have significant impact on surveying, mapping and geoinformation, for the reason that the results and achievements can be used in various field.

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