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National Geographic Conditions Monitoring Program

National Geographic Conditions Monitoring Program is initiated to respond to the rapid changes of the country and the chances, challenges and problems brought by these changes. China is making continuous progress in every aspect these years, the geographic conditions reflects this kind of progress negatively or positively. The Objectives of this program include: Continuously capturing the geographic changes occurring on the earth surface resulted by human activities; Integrating the information of changes into macro-control and planning; Helping people regulate activities with enough information.

The National Geographic Conditions Monitoring Program will use various methods and be conducted based on several principles. For instance, high resolution remote sensing image is the main data source. And we will put more focus on land cover changes and field survey and on-site check.

With decades' efforts, we have accumulated a large number of geographic data and related intelligence properties, which is the base for the program. So for the program the first task is to integrate and make full use of existing information. Secondly, capture the current status of the geographic conditions and refresh the data to an acceptable timeline by the means of general survey. Thirdly, with the general survey results as background, the program will conduct continuous regular monitoring to detect changes over periods. With previous mentioned efforts, manifold products and services will be provided for the decision makers and the public.

Now the National geographic Conditions Monitoring Program, however, is still at the starting stage. And our program has two planning stages. The first stage is mainly to develop the system of monitoring indexes and specifications, build the capability of monitoring critical elements composing geographic conditions and capture the geographic conditions of current status of the whole country. And the second stage is to conduct regular monitoring on geo-spatial elements and yearly thematic monitoring on demand. And each stage will cost about 5 years.

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