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National Geodetic Datum System infrastructure Construction Project

It consist 5 sub-projects, and designed to meet our nation’s economic, social and environmental needs. It started June 2012 and finished in 4 years.

National CORS Network

It consist 360 CORS Stations, in which 150 new built stations, 60 updated stations and 150 stations from other departments.

National Geodetic Network

It consist 4500 points, in which 2500 new built points and 2000 points from previous projects.

National First-order Levelling Network

It consist 122000 km leveling routes length, it needs to construct 110 bed rock bench marks, 725 basic bench marks and 7030 common bench marks.

National Absolute Gravity Network

It consist 50 stations, which constructed together with the CORS Stations.

National Geodetic Datum Management and Service System

It needs to construct communication network, server and storage, security system, data management, data analysis and shared service system etc.

National Geomatics Center of China

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