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International Workshop on Supporting Future Earth with Global Geo-information
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International Workshop on Supporting Future Earth with Global Geo-information

June 9-10, 2015

Beijing, China

1. Background and Objective Future Earth is a global research platform aiming to provide knowledge and supporting to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world. Its implementation and success depend critically on the availability and utilization of reliable geo-information at both local and global scale. Supporting Future Earth with global geo-information is therefore becoming a key challenge for our global communities. This joint workshop aims to discuss the user requirements and identify key gaps, to present the latest development of global geo-information, service applications, and to promote multi-disciplinary collaboration in this field.

2. Workshop Themes Latest progress of Future Earth from national and international perspectives, especially by utilizing geo-information;

 Definition of challenges for and requirements on global geo-information and services concerning Future Earth programs;

 Latest developments of global geo-information (Earth observation data, Digital elevation, Land cover, environmental monitoring, ecological data…);

 Representation and visualization of Global geo-spatial information;

 Policy and technology for global geo-information sharing and service;

 Progress of open geo-spatial software and integrated application with open geo-data sets;

 Big data analysis of global spatial and non-spatial information;

 Applications of global geo-information in global understanding, environmental change analysis, dynamic modeling and transformational development;

 Others…

3. Organizers ISPRS Beijing Office

 Chinese National Committee for Future Earth (CNC-FE)

 LIESMARS, Wuhan University

 National Geomatics Center of China (NGCC)

4. Sponsors  International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

 International Cartographic Association (ICA)

 Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

 Joint Board of GISs (JBGIS)

 ICSU Geo-Unions

ContactMs. Chen Chen

Email:; Tel: +86-10-63881109

National Geomatics Center of China

28 Lianhuachi West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100830, China